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Every single one of our team members has a minimum of 20 years experience, having worked at well-known brands and companies. We have worked with fashion brands of all sizes and understand the challenges across each growth phase.

We have a team of designers whose niche focus is separated by product category. Our sourcing team has expertise in finding the right raw materials to help differentiate your brand. 

Our production team has been working with our factory partners for over 30 years and we have team members located in all parts of the world to personally oversee the work being done for your business.

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Our extensive network of suppliers and factories ensures that your product is made by professionals specializing in your garment or accessory type.

We have partners globally to help you expand your current network, replace current vendors, or find better pricing.

We have a special area of expertise and focus in the Western Hemisphere, namely South America and Mexico. This is an added benefit to brands looking to diversify their network or produce their goods closer to their customers.

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Our goal is to make your vision come alive. Our approach is personalized and tailored to align to your long term vision. We build lasting relationships with all our customers built on trust, communication, and partnership.

For fast growing brands, we can serve as an extension of your team, providing you with designers, sourcing specialists, and product development managers. For a fraction of the cost of a full time employee, we bring all these services to your organization.

For larger brands, we work with your team to fill in the gaps that make sense for your brand and help to relieve your specific pain points. Whether that be sourcing new materials to develop a new line or finding new vendor partnerships to help bring down your margins, we work alongside your team to meet your needs.


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Work with us to develop, grow, or expand your brand. From initial concept to final production and everything in between, corben&lane works side by side with you and your team to ensure complete satisfaction. Our team of designers, sourcing professionals, manufacturing and operations experts, logistics and business development executives, are all resources available to work with your brand. 

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We serve as your brand liaison in the United States. We work to meet and exceed your revenue goals and grow your brand through retail partnerships, tailored brand messaging, social media advertising, in-store experiences, and online shopping visibility. Our approach is specifically designed to get your brand the most exposure to your target customer based on your budget and revenue goals. 

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corben&lane can bring your concept and ideas to life. We offer mentoring, certified coaching, business planning and strategy services. Having successfully launched brands such as Idyllwind Fueled by Miranda Lambert, Bearded Goat and The Lauren James Collection, just to name a few, our industry expertise will help your company realize it’s potential.