coffee & conversations with corben&lane


Irina Kapetanakis, Corben & Lane’s Chief Experience Officer, sits down for Coffee & Conversations with Camila Gomez-Wills to discuss The People Side of Sustainability. 

They discuss the “made in the USA” label and how it denotes a better produced product, but that isn’t always the case. There is still room for improvement and the Garment Worker Protection Act, which we discussed as legislation that was pending but has since passed, is a step in the right direction. 

Furthermore, Irina and Camila discuss supplier relationships and purchasing practices that could lead to excessive overtime and unsafe conditions that don’t abide by international codes. Brands are unwillingly and unknowingly creating these conditions. Lastly, they also discuss the best way to vet manufacturers and suppliers, especially when you’re working globally and can’t always perform on site visits. 

Camila is a program manager with 5 years of experience working with private firms, government agencies, and international funders to develop actionable responsible sourcing policies. As a problem solver and creative, she develops bespoke strategies for Fortune 500 companies to address high-risk ESG business issues and is known for her ability to communicate effectively across a broad range of audiences. She cares deeply about human dignity and agency and is dedicated to finding solutions for responsible sourcing as well as best practices to ultimately put an end to modern slavery in our supply chains.

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