Our team at corben&lane strives for excellence in design, execution, and innovation. We operate with integrity, embrace diversity and remain unwavering in our commitment and accountability to our clients.

At corben&lane, we believe that everyone has the right to work in safe, ethical and humane working conditions. We work with factories globally that share in that same belief and have forged strong relationships with them to ensure that they adhere to our high compliance standards. The health and safety of the workers in these factories and the environmental impacts of production are of the utmost importance to us and as such we have a robust system in place to monitor compliance. 

We require all our suppliers to participate in the HIGG Index. The Index asks questions regarding a facility’s impact on the environment and any measures they take to be more sustainable. In addition, we have people located globally who personally inspect these facilities to ensure the reporting on energy use, greenhouse gases, carbon footprint, water use, waster, air emissions, waste and chemical management is in line with their reporting.

corben&lane regularly performs Code of Conduct audits on our major facilities and mills. We work closely with our vendor partners to educate and assist them.